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About Us

Anatomy® Church Membership Management is a software suite that empowers churches to effectively care for the people and communities they serve. The mandate and heartbeat of Anatomy is to help leaders leverage the advances of technology in connecting with and caring for their people in a meaningful way.

Anatomy has evolved from the CRM school of thought to produce a comprehensive suite of functionality that manages information related to members and visitors of a church, their relationships, their involvement with the church, groups, ministries, courses and conferences amongst others.

Also built into Anatomy are tools for the management of meetings and resourse as well most importantly great tools aimed at caring for people in meaningful ways including Follow Up Management with reminders and escalations and Counselling Management amongst others.

With the additional plugins, Anatomy turns into a powerful Childrens Church & registration and check-in system for the likes of Courses, Conferences, Concerts etc. The Anatomy Mobile Apps and the Anatomy Members Portal also allow members to interact directly with Anatomy in meaningful ways like maintaining their own details, submit prayer requests and praise reports.

Our Features

Here are some of the features we offer.

Why to choose us

- Manage events with online registration and payment

- Efficiently track visitor numbers, follow-up and culture assimilation

- Easily find and manage volunteers

- Define and track workflow routing of tasks

- Easily communicate with staff, members, visitors and volunteers

- iOS and Andriod App that enable church members to keep their information up to date

The vision of a church can get often get lost in the midst of detail management. With so many people (staff, members, volunteers, children and visitors) and so much information (communication, member care, groups, and facilities) to manage. Any one of these could overwhelm your office staff.

Consider how we can help for just one category: Volunteers. You want the experience to be rewarding and frictionless so your helpers will grow through service and continue to volunteer.

Tens, hundreds or even thousands of volunteer assignments and attendance can be tracked across multiple ministries and even multiple campuses!

Anatomy Church Membership Management exists to minimize administration in every area so you can maximize ministry. What areas of administration in your office need some help?

- Securely check-in babies, children, youth and volunteers

- Empower parents and volunteers with intuitive touch-screen user interface

- Utilize self-service check-in with bar-code scanners

- Place children in rooms on age / pre-assignment; know when rooms are full

- Capture child and volunteer attendance in real time

- Customize the screen using standard design themes or create your own

A smooth, organised and efficient check-in and pick-up process give parents and guardians confidence in knowing their children are safe in the care of competent and diligent people. Anatomyis designed specifically security and safety in mind.

Anatomy Express Check-in is compatible with an intuitive touch-screen interface, and can use an optional bar-code reader for even faster and more secure children check-In. The flexibility of Anatomy Check-In, and its ability to be integrated with online event registrations, allows you to use it for a variety of purposes.

Anatomy Check-In eliminates the need to run up and down the halls, or even to other buildings, trying to verify a child’s location.

- Access member data on the fly. Anytime, anywhere via the web, or your mobile device

- See household demographics, contact information, notes and other relevant info

- View graphical representation of past and future involvement in church activities

- Ensure no-one falls through the cracks with automated task routing

- Send richly-designed email newsletters to in minutes

Anatomy Church Membership Management helps get an accurate and complete picture of the members (families and individuals) that call your church home. Having this important information available to you and the rest of the church staff enables you to tailor your assistance and programs to their specific needs. Anatomy allows easy access to your membership information anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Anatomy makes it easy to find and manage visitors and members by providing both simple as well as advanced search capabilities. You can create custom search criteria, and save those searches for future use. You can then use the search results and take a number of actions, such as add them to a group, export them to Excel, send them an email, update a common value, or view the parents or children of the people in the list.

The quality and accuracy of information is crucial to making good stewardship decisions. Anatomy helps ensure that the information you enter is accurate and remains up-to-date: duplicate records can be identified and merged into one; and Anatomy makes it easy to manage large groups of people through its mass action tools.

- Use with any hierarchy of church small groups

- Monitor leaders care, and the health and activity of all small groups

- Empower small group leaders to manage their own groups

- Enable effective communication between small group leaders and members

Getting an individual connected into a small group / connect group is a proven way to help build community among believers, and improve spiritual growth.

Small group leaders can respond to contacts requesting information about the group, update contact information, communicate with the group via email, and more, all without adding additional administrative responsibilities to church staff.

Leaders can easily report on the latest information, attendance, prayer requests and more about their group for staff members to review. This eases the administrative time required to provide oversight on each small group.

- Dozens of different, easy to use, church management reports

- Church Growth Reports

- Demographic Reports

- Custom Reports

Anatomy Church Membership Management empowers you with dozens of different, easy to use, church management reports. We provide built in filters and options to make getting the data you need a breeze.

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0 - 150

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  • Once-off Setup Fee R1 100.00

151 - 500

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Per Month

  • Once-off Setup Fee R1 100.00

501 - 1 000

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Per Month

  • Once-off Setup Fee R1 650.00

1 001 -3 000

Active record size


Per Month

  • Once-off Setup Fee R2 200.00

3 001 - 5 000

Active record size

R 3 180.00

Per Month

  • Setup Fee R2 500.00

5 001 - 8 000

Active record size

R 4 850.00

Per Month

  • Setup Fee R2 500.00

8 001 - 10 000

Active record size

R 5 670.00

Per Month

  • Setup Fee R2 500.00

10 001 - 15 000

Active record size

R 6 340.00

Per Month

  • Setup Fee R2 500.00

15 001 - 20 000

Active record size

R 7 240.00

Per Month

  • Setup Fee R2 500.00

20 001 - 30 000

Active record size

R 9 050.00

Per Month

  • Setup Fee R2 500.00

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